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Jan 27

What is fear? How does fear influence our reality?

Posted by: Stanislav Kaliyev
Tagged in: positive thinking , overcome fear , magic happens , achieve goals

Stanislav Kaliyev

I would like to talk about fear, what is fear actually? When you fear of something - you visualizing this and your emotions are perfectly helping you. But when you are absolutely sure about what you want to achieve, you KNOW that it will happen, because you support it with your daily thoughts.

When we believe in something there could be doubts, if you doubt - you visualize the negative outcome. But with absolute knowledge there can be no doubts, because you KNOW, you just know that you have it, right now. When you wait - you may start to discover downsides of positiveness, it is normal, because it is one of the fundamental laws of the Universe. But every next swing of pendulum to positive side will get you closer to your goal. The best you can do those days is to keep thinking about your goal. Fears are easy to overcome, by the way there is one beautiful book that I have attracted into my life - Guy Finley - The Essential Laws of Fearless Living.

This book came to me in those days when I had negative fall backs, I read it. During my reading my mind was continuously studying and realizing many things that I feared about. The fog of fear disappeared, I saw the light of the Sun and abundant ocean of life, mine to explore and create. I really loved this book, it was written in very easy to understand and implement way.

Jan 02

Few words about sunflower seeds

Posted by: Stanislav Kaliyev
Tagged in: vitamins , sunflowers , micro elements , healthy food

Stanislav Kaliyev

Sunflower seedsI would like to share with you a little information about a symbol of our Web-site - Sunflower and its seeds of course.

Ancient Inca were the first ones to grow sunflowers, and considered their blossom cluster as a symbol of the sun-god. Vincent van Gogh personified these flowers as a connection to the Sun and his fortunate period of life. Seven canvases, sculpted by dabs, with heavy blossom clusters that are flexibly turning after the sun, became the symbol of this great artist.

Truly the sunflower fully reflects the sun, absorbs more solar energy than any other flower, and also produces more seeds. Consumption of fried seeds is like a meditation, because you totally concentrate on the process, and actually consume powerful packed solar energy with them.

Sunflower seeds are very healthy for the people of all ages. It has been scientifically confirmed that these seeds prolong life span, and maintain vitality. They contain a full complex of essential micro elements: potassium, zinc, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, polyunsaturated fatty acids and amino acids, including methionine, which takes active part in lipometabolism. By the way there is more methionine in sunflower seeds than in peanuts, Circassian walnuts and hazelnuts.

Sep 21

What makes our dreams come true?

Posted by: Stanislav Kaliyev
Tagged in: wishes come true , powerful exercises , positive thinking , magic happens , achieve goals

Stanislav Kaliyev

Magic lampEverything in our physical universe takes time to manifest. Our mind and Universe can be compared to a little child and his old grandfather respectively. When the child wants something and asks grandfather for it, granddad (the Universe) just smiles to little child (our mind), because he knows that one moment after little kid will forget what he wanted and will ask for something else. But when a he repeatedly continues to ask for something, grandfather will kiss crown of the child's head and will make his dream come true.

In physics it can be explained as inertness (inactivity, stagnancy, heaviness) of matter or substance. If your mind is able to create images very fast, physical or real image of your mind will take time to manifest.

That is why exercises are so helpful, because step by step you are training your mind and body and do exercises repeatedly. Everyday we approach closer to our dream (goal, objective, wish).

I would like to say few words about this powerful Wish Come True exercise, that is very easy to do, but remember to do it every day as many times as possible.

Aug 20

Greetings at my blog!

Posted by: Stanislav Kaliyev
Tagged in: welcome , introduction , blogs

Stanislav Kaliyev

I would like to welcome everybody at my blog!

I am going to write here two separate blogs:

  • One about the life of PositiveOnly.Info web-site: about interesting features of it, about the development process of the web-site, about improvements, current search engine rankings and more...
  • The other blog is my blog, where I write about ideas, exercises of positive thinking, where I answer your questions and write about things that need to be placed to the Miscelaneous section at the Information Portal part of the web-site.

All other blogs here are yours. Feel free to start your own blog and write about anything you want, as long as it is positive...



"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain