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How to use RSS subscription


RSS Icon What is RSS? It is a nice way to get informed about the latest news or articles posted at the web-site. RSS subscription is easy to configure and use, besides that it always works, while e-mail subscription may fail if sender's address somehow appears in black list. When properly configured RSS is easy as 1-2-3
1. You wake up in the morning
2. Open your browser... Browser does all the job for you, it uploads changes from your RSS subscriptions, like Videos section of PositiveOnly.Info for example. If there were new articles added, you are notified about that. Different browsers have different notifications.
3. You then open aggregated (term for downloaded by RSS aggregator, which is browser in this case) subscription and read fresh news, blog additions or articles.

Process of making RSS work for you is described here for these popular browsers: Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 7

Written by :
Stanislav Kaliyev
Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:33  

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