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Click - the lesson to appreciate our Life


Click (2006)Sometimes we wish that time would fly by very fast, because our surrounding environment doesn't suit us. All of this happens because we don't pay attention to good things in life, but first and foremost - we don't appreciate these good things. It is our attitude to the world around us that continuously programming our future, because if we are angry and frustrated every day about everything that we pay attention to - we will stay in this situation no matter what we want and dream about. Thoughts of present - make our future. That is why most of the people stay in this squirrel cage, and get more frustrated because they don't know how to get out of it. This wonderful movie "Click" will help you to understand that we should appreciate every single moment of our life and feel as much gratitude about it as possible.

The main hero Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an average husband and father of two kids, he has a job - he is an architect. He loves his job and totally focused on it, and pays less attention to his family. He repeatedly tells himself and his wife that he doesn't have enough time to pay attention to the kids, but maybe later, when he will get a promotion, and will be earning more money, he will at last take the kids to the park... :)

One day Michael gets the ultimate remote control of his life, the tool that allows him to do all things you do with DVD remote. He forwards most of the moments in his life, that he didn't wish to play real-time. He definetely gets things he wanted fast at his job, but not at home. After so many "fast forwardings" he noticed that his family relationships are ruined, he is not the father of his kids, and lost his beautiful wife, she divorced him. Now he is trying to rewind his life, but "rewinding" is possible only in "read-only" mode, he cannot change anything that happened.

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Wealth Mind Movie


I would like to thank YouTube very much for making the Internet a better place with sharing opportunities. Due to this I am opening a series of visualization clips that are very powerful and should be watched every day. These videos make great influence with the use of two most important human senses: seeing and hearing. When you watch these videos try to focus on your feelings, you should feel comfortable while watching them. So your eyes and ears do their job in background, while you should activate your senses and try to actually feel yourself prosperous and rich! Watch these videos as many times as possible and the result will happen faster than you can imagine.

As for me I was watching these movies for two weeks, and I've noticed that feeling of joyful expectation from my childhood started to come back and recover again. Those exact feelings that you have when you desire something! Try it yourself! It's fun and useful!



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Positive review of a computer-animated comedy film Robots


Robots (2005)Remarkable slogan of the “Bigweld Industries” Company in Robot City: “You can shine no matter what you're made of”. The main law of the universe, the Law of Attraction, becomes fully apparent in this animated movie as you watch it. You may notice the law, which manifests itself everywhere.

Robot Rodney Copperbottom, from the middle-class family of Copperbottoms, whose father cleans dishes in restaurant as his full-time employment, watches the TV commercial where Bigweld, owner of Bigweld Industries and the biggest robot in Robot World, is inviting inventors from everywhere in the Robot City to offer their ideas and inventions.

Rodney gets himself a dream – He wants to get to Robot City, to the main gates of Bigweld Industries, where all inventors are gathering to show their inventions to Bigweld himself. Young Copperbottom has invented a small dishwasher robot, which is designed to help his father to clean dishes in restaurant’s kitchen, where his father spent most days of his entire life.

When Rodney decides to go to Robot City, his father cheers him up and shares with him that he also wanted to go to Robot City, but didn’t ever make it, so he is hoping that young robot will make his dream come true.

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The life changing movie for you


The SecretYou have probably heard about this movie, well if you did - you are almost got to the point of feeling good, if you watched this movie - you are probably here to keep your good feeling up and running every day of life.

I'm talking about Rhonda Byrne's movie called The Secret. Rhonda Byrne has discovered life-transforming information in September 2004, at that time this information was not widely practiced, so she decided to share it with the world. As she studied this powerful knowledge she began to understand that this information is acknowledged in different fields of science - metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology and religion.

Rhonda has discovered that this knowledge has been well known amongst the greatest prophets, seers, sages, saviors and other greatest men and women, who lived with full accordance with this powerful principles and attained whatever they wished for.

As a successful television and film producer, Rhonda began practicing what she learned, using the Secret to make the film The Secret. Over one year later The Secret was released to the world.

The Secret reveals the most powerful law of the universe and explains how anyone can use this law to create unlimited happiness, love, health, and prosperity in their lives.

Rhonda Byrne revealed that she was inspired to create a movie by the Wallace D. Wattles book - The Science of Getting Rich, which was given to her as a photocopy from her daughter.

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Ace of Base Positive songs


Ace of BaseToday I was at the computer store to buy myself new speakers for my desktop computer. When it came to testing them, the guy at the store turned on Ace of Base - A Salute to Ace Of Base CD album, and what do you think? I have attracted those beautiful songs, that make you feel so great and inspired all day long, while they play in your head...

You should listen to these songs, click on the titles to get the lyrics:

and other beautiful songs from Ace of Base:

You can download these songs at Amazon.com and listen everyday, they are very positive and they help you a lot in transforming your life.

If you are unable to see the mp3 box below, you should consider downloading fresh Flash Player here.

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