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This section of the PositiveOnly.Info web-site is your guide to all of the web-site's possibilities. It is designed to help you to use the web-site at 100%.

Flash movies describe you this tour with greater ease. For example watch this movie about the Top menu:

You will learn about all features of this web-site here:

All this information is provided to you in easy way due to the powerful Internet Service - YouTube. All video lessons are followed with annotations.

Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:33

How to change font preferences


Our web-site PositiveOnly.Info is based upon Joomla Content Management System, which includes this wonderful feature - changing font size. What is so special about this feature? It is designed to make you feel comfortable while reading through the web-site. Different people have their own preferences considering the size of text at web-pages. It is better to choose your own font size if you feel uncomfortable with the default one.

Try reading through articles and play with font-size settings as described in the video lesson bellow. When you find your best settings - you will notice that your eyes slide more easily through each line of text, your forehead doesn't hurt, you don't feel asleep or get exhausted while reading, and you interpret information more easily.

Take care about your eyes, because they let you consume 80% of information that surrounds you, they are your guide to the life, so take your time - choose your best font size, and continue to enjoy reading the PositiveOnly.Info articles and blogs... Best of luck to you!

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Future of free fuel and no pollutions is now


Have you ever heard about a car that uses air to fuel itself? Tanks filled with compressed air that costs nothing, $0.00! The idea is truly great - unlimited and free fuel for everyone!

So let's look at the characteristics and how this stuff actually works:

The maximum speed of this air-car goes up to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour).
Distances up to 200 miles (321 kilometers) on one tank.

Isn't is just beautiful? Oh... And emissions... Well they do exist, but it's pure breathable fresh and cool air ;) No pollutions, no gasoline is needed, just fill your tank with compressed air and go wherever you want!..

Actually every engine uses air compression that pushes the piston and creates the movement. But in this wonderful idea the air is already compressed and is being pumped into the cylinder to push the piston. Light, easy, fresh and the most cost-effective idea! Alright, no more talking from me... Just watch the video and visualize your new and eco-friendly car ;)

Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:38

Kung Fu Panda – Deepest Chinese wisdom and infinite fun for the whole family


Kung Fu PandaThis movie is filled with the greatest amount of positive moments and saturated with deep Chinese wisdom. You will unfold many secrets as you watch this movie, and at the end you will come to the very important truth about you.

The main hero of this movie is Panda Po; he is fat and clumsy Chinese bear. Every night he is dreaming about being a superhero – The Dragon Warrior, he is fighting against legions of evil foes, and throws piles of them to the left and to the right in his dreams… But the daily reality is very different, he is just helping his dad to cook and serve noodles at their little family restaurant. Everyday his dad is preaching about family business, that his father was a cook, his grandfather was also cooking those noodles, and many generations before they all cooked noodles, that is why he doesn’t like an idea of his son to become a Kung-Fu warrior.

Nevertheless, one day fortune smiles to our hero, because that day at the temple, on the top of the mountain, old tortoise Kung-Fu master Oogway is choosing the Dragon Warrior, Po is hurrying there with other villagers. By the way his dad loaded him with a tray of noodles to sell them to idlers. When he finally reaches the mountain – he is totally exhausted because of his heavy load, and also he finds that the main gates of the temple are… closed!

Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:33

Monsters Inc - Experience the power of laughter


Monsters Inc with their energy resources problem solvingA remarkable animated film about the "parallel universe" city called Monstropolis, populated with various monsters. They live their daily lives just like us: have their homes, attend their jobs, fall in love, compete at career ladder, and share common energy resources problem. :)

The main heroes, James P. "Sulley" Sullivan and Michael "Mike" Wazowski, are employees at the power company called Monsters Inc. There is a door conveyor at the company, those doors are used as portals to our human reality. Employees walk into those doors, walk out of the childrens' wardrobes, and scare kids. The sound of kids screaming generates the electric energy that is filled into special accumulators, and preserved for city needs. It is considered that those monsters who do their scare-work are the heroes who supply the whole city with electricity.

The movie with great amount of laughter and joy is guaranteed, the storyline is very interesting and breathtaking. There is also one funny stereotype, that is believed by all the monsters: if you touch a child or his clothes - it is like an ecological disaster! For example there was a moment when one hairy monster walked out of the door, and his workmate noticed kid's sock stuck to his back, the alarm rang, suddenly special forces from Child Detection Agency appeared and neutralized the poor monster, having him cropped. ;) Or when another one jumped out of the door, grabbed his workmate with words: "Hey, brother! He was that close! He almost touched me!", and began to cry. It looks so funny that those fearless monsters who scare children are actually trembling when they do their job, because they are afraid of kids themselves! What if our kids also knew that? Wouldn't it be great?

Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:32

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